HD & 4K Video, four-channel projection, 15 min

Experiences on the verge and the verge of experience.
Think of a border, a boundary or an edge
and you are thinking about the verge
the point where something begins or ends.


The line where life and death meet; the moments in between, when physical and mental limits need to be crossed in order to survive. It shows the challenge to remain standing, to keep on breathing and to keep on moving — no matter what.
Being on the verge includes an extreme situation paired with exhaustion and endurance, partially verging on a release. During this release a rare purity is revealed which allows a leap beyond the known to constantly redefine ourselves.


Galerie Feld+Haus, Solo Exhibition, 01-2018, Frankfurt a.M, GER
Kralingse Kunstroute, Assembled by Root Gallery, Group Expo, 02-2017, Rotterdam, NL
DocFeed Festival, Temporary Arts Centre, Eindhoven, Group Expo, 02-2016, Eindhoven, NL
Marres Currents #3, Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond, Group Expo, 19.2-2.4.2016 Amsterdam, NL
Marres Currents #3, House for contemporary culture, Group Expo, 16.12.2015-5.2.2016, ,Maastricht, NL
Between You and Me, Public Screen Koningsplein, January 2016, Tilburg, NL
Verborgen Stegen Festival, Group Expo, September 2015, Schiedam, NL
V2_ Institute for unstable Media, Solo Expo, July 2015, Rotterdam, NL
St Joost Akademie voor de Kunsten, July 2015, Breda, NL


Team Germany
Production: Barbara Klingler • Camera: Oliver Schill • Lights: Klaus Hagmeier • Sound/Grip: Sebastian Huber • Sound: Sabri Noor • Performance Assist: Christina Flick


Team Lanzarote • Production: Fanny Hagmeier • Camera: Thomas Vroege • Contacts: Pilar McCarthy Belmonte, Marta Gonzales, Marta Orozco Lucini, Nino Gonzalez Delgado


Team The Netherlands
Production Assistant: Giulia di Pietro • Editing: Maaki Nurmots • Sound Design: Merijn Bisschops • Color Grading: Thomas Vroege • Performance Assist: Christina Flick • Performance Assist: Keren Rosenberg • Graphic Design: Giacomo Boffo, Pieter van Helden


Installation Concept
Fanny Hagmeier • Luijo Argemí • Nick Aberson • Build-up • Luijo Argemí • Pilar McCarthy Belmonte • Marta Soriano Mascarós • Aino Eerola • Agnese Tomassini • Milton Lieuw • Maaki Nurmeots • Ramaz Melashvilli • Romeo De Haas


Special thanks
Monika Hagmeier, Barbara Klingler, Klaus Hagmeier, Marita Orfert, Rudy Hagmeier, Hüseyin Badilli, Alex Falk, Helen Flanagan, Amanda Mullee, Julia Hoogkamer, Stephanie Lehmann, Zdravko Bozic, Pola Sell, Deniz Tavli, Luis Cardoso, Sanjula Kim Smits, Bella Bouman Ennya Larmit, Jeroen van ´t Hullenaar, Rob Willems, Roel van Eijk, Coen Eigenraam, Myrte van der Molen, Angelo Raaijmakers, Kimberley Tammenga, Vincent Boy Kars AKV|St. Joost: Noud Heerkens, Marijke de Bie, Iris Sikking, Anne van de Putten, Rieks Soepenberg, Karin Krijgsman, Michel Gutlich


Het Raam Digital Cinema Amsterdam: Floris Verweij, Yoka Groen • Institut für angewandte • Trainingswissenschaften • Leipzig: Andreas Bronst • Sinnbild Film-und Fernsehproduktion: Michael Plötz • Top Wash Frankfurt: Michael Börstler, Mehmet Karabulut