2014, 6´10´´, short documentary, Bosnia and Hercegovina

“On the Verge” is an essayistic portrait of Sarajevo. It shows personal reflections of the profound effect the city has on the filmmaker, while undergoing several changes in early 2014.
From the first nationwide demonstrations since the founding of the Federation of BiH until the biggest floods in a century- images intertwined with the daily life of Sarajevan´s- trying to find grip between its extremes.


Sarajevo Filmfestival August 2014
Kriterion @ Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam, October 2014
Rotterdams Open Doek, February 2015
BiH Filmfestival New York, Tribeca Cinemas, May 2015


Idea, Concept and Camera: Fanny Hagmeier • Edit: Redžinald Šimek • Sound: Fanny Hagmeier, Redžinald Šimek • Fixer: Latifa Imamović, Ervin Tokić • Translations by: Latifa Imamović, Julia Klier, Senih Nalić • Literary Consults: Deniz Tavli

Thanks to: Alen Šimić, Irfan Avdić, Emin Hajrić, Zulfikar Filandra, Dražen Krešić, Julia Klier and my professors at ASU: Pjer Žalica, Elmir Jukić, Srdan Vuletić, Elma Tataragić