Fanny Hagmeier (1988) is a German visual artist whose work evolves around extreme physical experiences. She is fascinated by how versatile the body appears in adapting to constantly changing environments. She believes that pushing mental and especially physical borders is the essence of a flexible identity. She researched physical boundaries, their fragility and the visibility of those limits extensively in her previous works. These are experiences she visualizes on the border of performance and performing arts (dance and theater), intersecting with the medium film, which often result in video installations or interactive works on stage.

Fanny Hagmeier has been working in various film-related projects since 2006. She has worked amongst others for The 20th Century Fox, Pandora Film Production, New York Filmacademy and 7th Embassy Films in Montreal. She travelled and worked in the USA, Canada, India, Bosnia, The Netherlands and Germany. She studied at the Academy for Performing Arts in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina to extend her visual expertise and fascination for interdisciplinary works between film and performing arts (2014) and graduated at the Academy of Art and Design St. Joost in Breda, The Netherlands (2015). Her work has been screened and premiered at various theaters, festivals, galleries and exhibitions throughout Europe and beyond: the Sarajevo International Film Festival, BiH New York Film Festival, Athens Digital Arts Festival, Tent Gallery Rotterdam, FeldĀ“Haus Gallery Frankfurt, Cinedans Festival Film Museum in Amsterdam, Kaai Studios Brussels, LAPsody International Performance and Live Art Festival in Helsinki, among others.

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