Two age-old representations of femininity, Hestia and Sheela na gig, formed the first inspiration for ZOOM, a performance by dancer/choreographer Lana Čoporda in close collaboration with video artist Fanny Hagmeier. Balancing between acceptance and resistance the two women on stage research the gap between the world of advertisement and video-clips and their own, more intimate experience of sensuality and sexuality.How to embody the many bodies offered to a women and how to deal with this limited range they offer?

“ZOOM shows a personal protest against the sexualisation of the female body in which choreograpger Lana Coporda uses her own body. With her own body and camera she shows the ridiculousness of the sexualized image.”
Carolien Verduijn, 2016. Dansmagazine.nl

It is an immersive experience. Wild, rough, unstoppable. But actually that is all you want. To just stop and to start thinking about your body, and to feel what it is asking for. It is admirable how radically Lana Coporda throws herself into the fight.”
Maarten Bender, 2017, Cultuurpersbureau



•Premiere: 24.03.2016 + 25.03-2016 Theater Rotterdam

• Tilburg 25-27.01.2017

• Amsterdam 2-5.02.2017

• Arnhem 9-11.02.2017

• Rotterdam 23-25.02.2017

• Nijmegen 15-17.03.2017

• Utrecht 20-22.04.2017

• Zwolle 19-20.05.2017


Choreography: Lana Čoporda • Perfromance: Lana Čoporda, Fanny Hagmeier • Dramaturge: Fransien van der Putt • Video: Fanny Hagmeier • Image:Fanny Hagmeier • Photography: Janina Pieterse • Sound design: Sharon Stewart • Light design: Paul Beumer • Production: Dansateliers