Trailer production

D NO BODY is a series of Dance Installations exploring the meaning of identity and the ways in which images of ourselves are contained in others. In part 5 of this series three bodies stride forth in slow motion in an attempt to transcend themselves, seeking for an intangible identity. Can a human body travel towards the loss of physicality?

– Theaterkrant **** “In their slow journey, the performers first move through the space alone, to eventually search for balance and find unity. Together they form beautifully sculpted poses. (…) Tortorelli and his performers make a subtle but strong statement.” (full article in Dutch Language)

– The Place-Blog “Dario Tortorelli masterly molds these ethereal dance installation who invite us to get in touch with our self and its honest reflection.“


•Production: Fanny Hagmeier

•Concept & Camera: Fanny Hagmeier & Ramaz Melashvilli

•Editing: Maaki Nurmeots & Ramaz Melashvilli