If You Could See Me Now

Trailer productions for “If You Could See Me Now” and “The Way You Sound Tonight” collaborating with Paul Sixta.

With seeming casualness, If You Could See Me Now sets a chilled-out club dance into one dizzying wave-like motion.The three performers see no limits to what they take out of their bodies, propelled by the rhythm of the beat. Progressing continuously, the vibes accumulate and electrify, drawing the audience deeper and deeper into the performance. At maximal exertion and sweaty physicality, the incessant movement flow audaciously redefines itself as luminous and versatile impressions. The performance space dilates and shifts. Time gets chopped up then reshapes. From ecstasy to turmoil, from build-up to its dismantling, If You Could See Me Now challenges expectations. It appeals for another look, to look again, and transforms an exact spontaneity into a hypnotizing sensory experience.

The Way You Sound Tonight

The Way You Sound Tonight is created as an ‘acoustic ballroom’, a space where movement is obvious and electronic music is omni-present. Five performers and their pulsating movements take the audience—sitting on two sides of the stage—into a reality that is radically enacted. There is no beginning and no end.The performers keep going non-stop, bringing one-hour cycles into being that could last for an eternity: distance and proximity, night and day, breath and heartbeat. In each cycle, the performer’s mutual composition varies. The audience group that firstly joins this hypnotizing continuum has a slightly different encounter than the group that is part of the next hour. Boundless in energy, The Way You Sound Tonight streams and steams. It is an intensifying and trance-like experience that transcends, and then lastingly resounds.

Trailer collaborating with Paul Sixta


• Concept •Camera • Edit: Paul Sixta

•2nd Camera: Fanny Hagmeier