I was working as a producer for the IFFR Art Directions section in late 2021 and early 2022.

Art Directions invites you to experience genre-defying cinematic art in Rotterdam. Encounter immersive installations, live performances, new media experiments, audio-visual explorations and music documentaries in the city’s favourite art venues – including Kunsthal, TENT, and Theater Rotterdam.

I was producing Su Hui-Yu´s work at Theater Rotterdam and Kiluanji Kia Henda´s work at TENT – however very unfortunately a great part of the Festival was ultimately shifted to an online program or cancelled in early January 2022 due to the Lockdown in the Netherlands.



SU HUI-YU (Taiwan)

Revenge Scenes by artists Su Hui-Yu and Cheng Hsien-Yu can be considered as a live art and installation work developed from Su’s earlier work,The Women’s Revenge. The work utilizes live streaming, augmented reality, and machine learning among other techniques, to lead the audience back into the history of social realism films and (female) exploitation films in the 1980s, where it highlights the ambiguous similarities between social media culture and exploitation films through the juxtaposition of the two. The work depicts the contemporary media society’s portrayal of the body and further questions the issue of body politics under new media technology. Revenge Scenes features live performances with augmented reality elements. Through the audience’s assistance in broadcasting, the images are shared on social media platforms and other locations where the videos are redeployed in real-time.


Artist and filmmaker Kiluanji Kia Henda uses text and images to probe the ‘sore spots’ in history. He does not shy away from confronting traumas; he looks them in the eye and shares them through his visual narratives.

Resetting Birds’ Memories tells the story of Kinaxixi Square in the centre of Luanda, which comes to life through the performances of actresses Kimberley Agyarko and Sahar Ali. The square symbolises the violent past and the glorification of ideology by successive rulers, who placed monuments to themselves there. Kia Henda reveals the relationship between precolonial Angola and the present-day nostalgic view of that era. Although the performance has a political layer, it is not a literal illustration of this history. Rather, the poetry of this work invites audiences to reflect on a world of perpetual changes, which are often represented through monuments in public spaces.

Kia Henda’s first narrative musical performance immerses viewers in a shadow play. The interaction between spotlights and video projection, between living persons and static objects, evokes a story that hovers between past and present.

The soundtrack for this new performance has been composed and arranged by Satch Hoyt. A vinyl album of the soundtrack, with vocals performed by artist Donna Kukama, as well as the printed script will be presented to viewers alongside the performance.


IFFR Art Directions were initially planned from 26.1-6.2.2022


As a producer my tasks involved the preparation, communication and coordination of immersive performative Video Installations by : Kiluanji Kia Henda´s work “Resetting Birds´ Memories” (Angola) & SU Hui-Yu´s work “Revenge Scenes” (Taiwan) for IFFR 2022.

I was the main contact person between all involved departments (Curators, artists, performers, locations, technicians, builders & co-producers). Coordination of transports before (&normally after exhibition), scheduling build-up & break-down teams incl. Volunteers, budget controlling between IFFR & Co-Producers.